A downloadable game for Windows

You are a former member of a secret department to protect the government, but some things are hidden even for members, and it is up to you to unravel the mystery about Martin Luther King's murder with the help of anonymous messages and browsing sites hidden. beware how you can annoy people in this department.

Game made for Confession JAM 2, any bug found please report in the comments, sorry for the small content of the game that will soon be updated to a more complete version after the Game JAM.

Please, vote in JAM page: https://itch.io/jam/confession-jam-2/rate/425531


  • [MOUSE] Double left click - To open computer programs;
  • [MOUSE] Left click - Mouse actions 
  • [ENTER] In BROWSER - Go to the written link; 
  • [ENTER] In NOTEPAD - Save text in Notepad; 
  • [ESC] Open and close control help;
  • [DELETE] In NOTEPAD - Clean Notepad;
  • [HOME] In BROWSER - Back to home page;


Create by; Malcolm X and Ludum X Continuum Soft


CodeName - Confession JAM 2.rar 2 MB


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This game is super cool! I couldn't figure out how what to do with the two codes with an underscore in the middle but I'll come back to it when I have the time :) It's super fun, I'm not a fan of the sound it makes when I click, but apart from that it seems like a great game and I can't wait to come back and finish it 

I thank you for taking some time to play my game.

I can not implement all the content I wanted, but as soon as JAM is finished I will add them, whereas in the sound effects I also did not want to, kkkkk orkable, as soon as I update I will remove that sound.